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HS-65 HS-65 Round 10.04 Yellow SI2 15.14x15.46x6.51 43.0 VG VG NON
ps -101 ps -101 Pear 10.39 Yellow SI2 17.67x11.33x7.41 VG VG VG
TV-1105 Cushion 11.05 Yellow VS2 64.0 67 VG G
PS-1203 Pear 12.03 Yellow SI1 VG VG
HS-1247 Heart 12.47 Yellow VS2 15.78x16.12x7.44 46.0 69 VG EX MED
TD-1 Cushion 15.06 Yellow VS1 14.46x12.99x8.66 66.0 67 EX VG FNT
Rad-1512 Radiant 15.12 Yellow SI1 EX G
RAD-701 Radiant 15.70 Yellow VS2 61.0 77 EX VG FNT
TV-2513 Cushion 25.13 Yellow VS2 17.97x15.93x9.66 62.0 66 VG VG VG MED

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