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Ben Yona Diamonds Ltd.

Ben Yona Diamonds Ltd. was established in 1970 by yona Ben Yona  , the founder of B.Y. Ben Yona Ltd polisher and dealer of precious gems.  Yona Ben Yona, born in Jerusalem, Israel, is one of the founders of the Israeli Precious Gems Industry.Yona began polishing emeralds, and spinel in 1959. Yuval, his son, joined him after his service in the army amd after he graduated at tel aviv university  and then branched out into diamonds. Today, Tal and Hila, Yuval's daughters, are part of the firm.  As a veteran diamond firm that has been polishing and selling diamonds for over 50 years, we have three generations with vast experience in the market.

Ben Yona Diamonds Ltd. is known for best quality diamonds that are polished by expert Israeli cutters using the latest technology. We manufacture diamonds in a variety of shapes, colors and clarity including fancy colors, ranging in size from 0.50 carat up to 10.00 carats. Our diamonds are accompanied by grading certificates from the IGI, GIA, HRD, or EGL institutes.  All our rough stones are certified under the Kimberley Process Certification. Since our rough diamond source is direct from the mines and of top quality we have the opportunity of producing high quality diamonds, which we are happy to offer to you direct from our online shop. Please take a look at our Fancy Color Price list. We were the first to publish such a list to aid in the evaluation of fancy color diamonds.

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